Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Storm Total

Official snowfall total here in Charleswood... 15 cm, including 9 cm between noon and 3 pm. Snow stopped around 3:30 pm. Sure looks a lot more Christmassy around here now!


  1. Hi Rob,
    Just love visiting your web page everyday for my WX fix. Just wondering why the precip totals don't show up on the main page. Is the precip sensor only calibrated for water?

  2. Hi Chris..

    Yes, my weather station only measures rainfall.. not snowfall. Snowfall would have to be melted to get a precip reading to automatically register. Some weather stations are equipped with a heater that melts the snow and gives you a melted snow amount (like the Gorilla weather site which had 10.4 mm of melted snow today) However, my station does not come with a heater.

    I take my snowfall readings the old fashioned way.. with a ruler. :)