Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Updated Grey Cup forecast

Well, it's becoming virtually unanimous that the weather should be just about ideal for Sunday's Grey Cup in Winnipeg. All models are indicating dry conditions for the game, with generally clear skies and near to above freezing temperatures at game time. The only question mark is the winds.. will they be light or gusty? Earlier models were indicating the potential for strong southerly winds developing by game time Sunday evening, however the latest models now delay these strongest winds until Monday (and by then they could be very strong.. perhaps 50 to 70 km/h). As a result, winds should be fairly light for the game Sunday evening which would make conditions more comfortable for players and fans alike. The good news is that no snow is expected through Sunday so snow and ice will not be a factor to contend with.

Rob's updated Grey Cup forecast..

Mainly clear skies. No precipitation. Dry field conditions. Sunday afternoon high near +4C falling to 0C at game time. Winds light.

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  1. It is interesting how we've had a parade of systems moving generally north of Winnipeg in a fast zonal flow. We have experienced rollercoaster temperature swings as they pass thru. The next one is in Saskatchewan with Regina in the warm sector at 14 C ! Seems like temperatures will increase overnight and then fall back tomorrow but the forescast does not mention this.

    It will be interseting to see on Sunday if we will catch a warm sector or be behind a cold front as is now forecast.