Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Beauty day!

Wow.. what a beautiful day in Southern Manitoba. Nov 21st and we have sunny skies, light winds, no snow on the ground and temperatures up to +5C as of noon, going up to 7 or 8C this afternoon. Seems like we’re getting October in November, after getting November in October! Record high for today is 11.1C back in 1904, which by the way is the latest date in November that Winnipeg has hit double digits. See November record list. Looks like the nice weather will continue through Thursday.. then a cooldown for Friday into the weekend as a large Arctic airmass floods into the western Prairies beginning mid week. By Sunday, models are indicating much colder air flooding into southern Manitoba with temperatures likely in the minus teens. Might see some snow by Friday and Saturday as well, but at this point.. models not indciating any large amounts. We'll see.. seems like we're overdue for some snow by now..

By the way, it was kind of funny to watch all those football fans dressed up in parkas and toques for last night’s Monday night football game in Jacksonville Florida. Temperature at game time was a bone-chilling PLUS 8C! Brrrr! ;) (I know, I know.. that’s cold for Florida.. but still, it’s amazing what you get used to..)

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