Friday, November 17, 2006

Clearing today.. nice weekend ahead.

Satellite photos show nothing but sunny skies west of Winnipeg this morning, and this clearing should move into Winnipeg from the west this afternoon heralding the arrival of a fine looking weekend with sunny skies and mild temperatures..just in time for Grey Cup festivities. The sunshine will help melt the coating of ice left from last evening's freezing rain and ice pellets, leaving dry conditions for the weekend. Weather should be ideal for Sunday's Grey Cup with clear skies, light winds and afternoon highs of +5C. Game time temperatures will likely drop to the freezing mark, but with the light winds, conditions should be very comfortable for the game. The good news is that the nice weather should last much of next week before a potential change to colder and snowier weather by next weekend. Hey, it has to come sooner or later!


  1. The forecast high for Sunday's Grey Cup sure has been bouncing around.. Orginal forecast was +4 which seemed reasonable.. then it went to +6, then down to +1, then up to +3, now it's -2C. This latest forecast is surprisingly cool, considering Sunday should be pretty similar to today, and today we're going up to +3c or so. With sunshine and no snow on the ground, I suspect we should make it above freezing again on Sunday as well.

  2. Well, the official temperature at the 5 pm kick off was -3C in Winnipeg after an afternoon high of +1c at 3 pm. Under clear skies and light winds, temperatures quickly fell to minus 6 by halftime and stayed there through the end of the game. A little on the chilly side, but still not bad for this time of year in Southern Manitoba. Congrats to the BC Lions!

  3. As far as weather goes, it was ideal for the game. What I lament is why they wasted a fine day and held the game at night instead. I know there are other considerations since we're a country with what, six time zones? Still, it seems like a shame. From what I recall our other Grey Cups were afternoon matches.

    I sat this one out in the comfort of my home, but it was a spectacular production on TV.