Saturday, November 25, 2006

Light snow tonight.. winter storm possible Tuesday.

Looks like a little of the white stuff will be moving into Winnipeg overnight, with a couple of cm possible by morning. That will move out Sunday, but then a significant storm system is forecast to develop over Colorado/Wyoming area Monday and move northeastward into Northwestern Ontario by late Tuesday. This storm could bring significant snow to Winnipeg and Southern Manitoba on Tuesday.. perhaps 15 to 20 cm or more, along with increasing northerly winds that could give near blizzard conditions by Tuesday evening. This one bears watching.. it could be a doozy! Stay tuned..


  1. Great site from Pete (your brother Mike's friend who lives in Charleswood)

  2. Hi Pete!

    Nice to hear from you! Careful on those Charleswood side roads tonight.. that little bit of snow today really slicked up the intersections around here (Eldridge and Oakdale was a sheet of ice!)

    Still watching that storm for Tuesday.. models have slowed it down a bit, but we should see some pretty good snow amounts by Tuesday night.. Here in Winnipeg, winds pick up Tuesday night into Wednesday which is when blowing and drifting snow could be a problem.. Even stronger winds north and west of here will make it pretty bad on Tuesday and Wednesday..

  3. How many more days till spring?