Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Rob's Obs Signing Off

After 21 years of monitoring weather in Winnipeg, the time has finally come.. Rob's Obs is shutting down and heading to southern Ontario.  I will be taking down my Rob's Obs weather station as of today (July 12 2022) ending 21 years of backyard weather obs from Charleswood.  I will continue to keep my Rob's Obs weather site running as it contains many useful weather links to monitor weather in southern MB, but live weather data from the site will now come from the Gorilla weather station in Whyte Ridge. 

After moving to Winnipeg in 1998, I set up my Rob's Obs backyard weather station in 2001, a Davis station set up at my Charleswood home. At the time, there were only 3 personal weather stations online in Winnipeg, giving unofficial weather obs from private sites across the city (now there are dozens). A few years later in 2006, I started this blog giving more in depth weather information to an online community. In 2010, I started my Rob's Obs Twitter account that allowed me to reach more people with weather info. Today, online weather discussion is a commonplace thing, with plenty of social media accounts and sites dedicated to giving the public more in depth weather and climate information that you can get from the daily forecast.  

With that, I want to thank everyone out there who has been so supportive and appreciative for the weather information that I've shared over the past 2 decades.  The feedback I've received over the years has been wonderful and gratifying. I started this venture because of my personal interest and passion for weather, but your response and interest gave me the motivation and satisfaction of continuing to do it for this long. Thank you. 

On that note, it's time to say goodbye to Winnipeg. I thoroughly enjoyed my 24 years here, and will miss the city and its crazy weather. But I look forward to starting my next chapter of life back in my birthplace of Niagara, Ontario.. enjoying milder winters and friends and family back home. 

All the best Winnipeg!