Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Grey Cup Forecast

Well, it’s looking increasingly likely that the weather should be nearly ideal for Sunday’s Grey Cup in Winnipeg. Ensemble models are indicating dry weather (no precipitation) for Sunday along with above normal temperatures, likely above freezing at game time. The only weather factor for Sunday appears to be the potential for gusty southerly winds by game time which, if they develop, will add a chill factor to the otherwise mild temperatures. The good news is that we should remain snow free through this week into the weekend, so there shouldn’t be any snow or ice on the ground to contend with. (currently there is no snow on the ground in Winnipeg and we should remain that way right through Sunday) Overall, it’s looking very good for this time of year in Winnipeg.

Rob’s Grey Cup outlook..

Partly cloudy skies, no precipitation, game time temperature near +3C remaining steady through the evening. Gusty south winds 30 to 50 km/h. Wind chill -2C.

I will update this forecast as the week goes on with any new information that becomes available.

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