Sunday, November 12, 2006

Snow free all week?

Well it looks like the system that was threatening snow for us by Tuesday is going to track further north, bringing accumulating snow to central MB and not much south. The storm track has been bringing most systems and snowfall through central MB over the past week, and it looks like this trend will continue this week. As result, Winnipeg may stay snow free all week, and possibly through Grey Cup weekend.  In fact, at this point, Grey Cup Sunday is looking pretty good in Winnipeg with long range ensembles pointing to a good chance of dry weather, along with temperatures of between 0 and -5c for game time.  Let's see if that forecast holds as we get closer to the weekend.

By the way, I've added links to the NAEPS ensemble map products recently added to EC's weatheroffice page. This is a joint forecast system between Canada, the US and Mexico to come up with more accurate (or perhaps less inaccurate is a better way of saying it) and more consistent long range forecasts over North America. They have some interesting products and charts which may provide a little more insight into how the weather may (or may not) evolve over the next couple of weeks.  These EPS product links are found under Rob's Obs "maps" and "forecasts"  drop down menus.   


  1. We may luck out for the Grey Cup. The first one here was a horror weather-wise, and the second one a miracle. I think it was the warmest Grey Cup anywhere, 9.7 C, as I recall.

    The new forecast charts are really something. Now I just need to figure out what they mean!

  2. Yep, I'm expecting this year's weather for the Grey Cup will fall in between those two extremes.. it won't be as mild as 1998, but it won't be as cold as 1991 either. Right now, it's looking dry (no precipitation) with seasonable temperatures between 0 and -5C. The good news is that we'll likely be snow free through Sunday, so there won't be any snow or ice on the ground to contend with. Ensemble models have been consistent in showing a ridge of high pressure moving in Saturday night and east of Winnipeg on Sunday. The only factor could be increasing southerly winds behind the ridge by game time which will add a chill factor to those relatively moderate temperatures. Otherwise, I don't see weather being a factor on Sunday. Time will tell..