Sunday, December 03, 2006

C-C-Cold morning

Coldest morning of the season so far with a low of -29C at Winnipeg airport, -27c at my site. Temperatures were down to -30 or lower in some places over Southern MB this morning. At least there wasn't much of a wind.. but that will change this afternoon as southerly winds start to pick up. That will produce a noticeable windchill this afternoon into this evening with southerly winds of 30 to 50 km/h combining with temperatures near -18c to produce windchills around the minus 30 mark. Bundle up! Those southerly winds are ahead of a trough of low pressure approaching Southern MB that will bring a couple cm of snow tonight. That could result in some slick driving conditions overnight into Monday morning. (It's those minor snowfalls that really slick up the roads, especially at intersections where stop and go traffic compresses the minor coating of snow into ice.. )

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