Saturday, December 09, 2006

Rob's Obs update

Sat Dec 9: Current data from my station will not be updating for awhile today as I go through some PC maintenance. Hopefully, it will be back online this afternoon. In the meantime, you can check out the Pacific Junction (PJ) school weather station in Charleswood for current weather data.

Update: Back online as of 3 pm.


  1. Rob's Obs is back online as of 3 pm.

    Note that my "rainfall" of 2.5 mm today is actually just melted snow that had been sitting in the rain gauge. That's what happens when you hit +2C in winter around here!

  2. Hi Rob, Just checking in as usual for my WX fix and I note the +2 reading on your station. The official CYWG temp at the airport was +0 but just the same with little to nil wind it was a great day for a walk with sweater only in the afternon today. Hopefully it'll remain mild as we plunge deeper into December. Chris in Westwood.

  3. Chris..

    Yes, it sure felt nice after those -30 windchills just a couple of days ago! Looks like we'll stay above normal through the upcoming week with no major push of Arctic air coming our way until maybe next weekend. I'm crossing my fingers that the Americans are right in their forecast for above normal temperatures this month!