Sunday, May 06, 2007

Southwest MB gets soaked..

Southwest MB got a soaking rain today with reports of 20-30 mm near the SK border, including the Melita and Virden areas. Further east, we just got trace amounts today in the Red River valley after 20-30 mm over the past couple of days.

Note that I cleaned out my rain gauge today, so Rob's Obs rainfall amounts should be more reliable with our next rain event (which may not be until late in the week). Look for dry and warm conditions this week, with summerlike temps possible approaching the 30C mark by Wednesday.

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  1. Seems like areas east of highway 12 received very little rain during this last event. A strong ridge of high pressure fed a dry easterly flow which eroded the precipitation.

    At ten o'clock it feels almost muggy in Winnipeg with dewpoints in the mid teens. Meanwhile in Northwestern Ontario and Minnesota, dewpoints were much lower...even below zero earlier today.

    In April and early May it seems there is often strong high pressure in Northern Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario while moisture pools in arid regions of the prairies like Saskatchewan and Alberta.

    This pattern likely cuts back precipitation averages in Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario. By the later part of May and June, the ridges of high pressure weaken and retreat northwards allowing gulf moistrue to stream into the above areas.