Saturday, May 12, 2007

Severe Thunderstorms in Saskatchewan

Locally severe thunderstorms developed over southern SK this afternoon, with an impressive supercell thunderstorm southwest of Moose Jaw near Gravelbourg in the evening. Cloud tops were at least 50,000 ft high with this storm with 25 mm hail reported in a couple localities. Unfortunately, EC radar was unavailable over southern SK due to problems with transmission lines to the radar sites.

Southern MB will see the remnants of these storms on Sunday with showers and possible thunderstorms moving in a narrow band along the TransCanada corridor. Note that SPC is carrying a slight risk of severe thunderstorms over southeast MB for Sunday.


  1. The mositure advection and instability associated with the Saskatchewan storms yesterday has refocused over central Minnesota today, 'skipping over' Manitoba.

    The models paint a thunderstorm complex forming in the Saskatchewan/ Montana border region tonite which then drifts east across southern Manitoba Monday morning.

    There will be a wave of energy (short wave) coming in from the pacific northwest, however all the strong moisture advection will be focused towards Northwestern Ontario. Looks like the models are overdoing the precip for the southern prairies.


  2. A fairly large thunderstorm complex has developed in Montana. There is one very strong cell very close to the Saskatchewan border for which the national weather service has issued a severe thunderstorm warning. Environment Canada however does not even have a watch out for southern Saskatchewan. It would be beneficial to have coordination between the weather services in situations like this.

    The forecast for Winnipeg has changed to 'periods of rain' for Monday. A lot depends on whether or not the thunderstorm complex off to our west can hold together over night and reach us early tomorrow.