Friday, May 04, 2007

Rainfall update

Rain is moving through Winnipeg this afternoon, with about 7 mm reported by most sites across the city as of 3 pm. Note that I'm currently having problems with rainfall readings from my Rob's Obs site.. I just checked the rain gauge and some bird has decided to use it as its own personal bird seed collector! So the gauge is jammed with bird seed and not reporting rainfall accurately. I'll try to clean it out over the next day or so, but until then, Rob's Obs rainfall will be inaccurate. Look at the PJ school site for more accurate Charleswood rainfall.

As for this rain.. it should gradually taper off tonight then we get a few showers Saturday before another batch of rain moves in Saturday night into Sunday from the Dakotas. Models are showing a real soaker out of this Saturday night event, especially over southwest MB with 30-50 mm possible, likely with embedded thunderstorms. Not the best timing on a weekend, but it's sure welcome for farmers..


  1. Heavy rainfall warning issued for southwest MB and southeast SK calling for 50-80 mm of rain through Sunday.

  2. 11.8 mm of rain in my backyard gauge as of 6 pm..

    Looks like a good 10-15 mm through the Red River valley today.. less over western areas with only trace amounts near the SK border. That will change by Sunday!

  3. 16 mm here in Charleswood as of 10 pm.. and rain has stopped for now. But check out the large convective complex developing in eastern South Dakota.. that's round two that will be spreading north overnight into Saturday bringing another round of rain over southern MB Saturday afternoon into Saturday night. Rain could be heavy especially over southwest MB where 30 to 50 mm is possible. Should be much less rain further east in the Red River valley.. perhaps 10 mm or so.