Thursday, May 03, 2007

Rain on the way..

After 4 weeks with little or no rain over southern Manitoba, it appears that we'll be seeing our first significant rain event over the next few days. A first wave of rain is expected to move in from the southwest on Friday, spreading into the Red River Valley by afternoon, and Winnipeg by mid to late day. This first band of rain may bring 10-20 mm of rain to Southern MB Friday into Friday night. On Saturday, a second wave of showers and thunderstorms, locally heavy over North Dakota, and forecast to spread northward into southern MB by Saturday afternoon. This second wave of rain is forecast to bring heavier rain amounts, possibly 15-30 mm over portions of Southern MB Saturday afternoon into Saturday night. The rain is expected to move out of Southern MB on Sunday as the main low pressure system moves off to the northeast.

Summing up.. rain moving in from the southwest on Friday into Friday night with 10-20 mm possible.. a second wave of rain, sometimes heavy, developing Saturday into Saturday night, with 15-30 mm possible.. heaviest amounts south and west of Winnipeg. Total rainfall amounts over the weekend ranging from 15-25 mm Red River valley with 25-40 mm possible over southwest MB. At least, that's what current models are predicting.. we'll see if it works out. Note that we'll be experiencing a sustained southeast flow Friday and Saturday, which will be advecting some of those higher 10-13C dewpoints over the central plains northward into southern MB, especially southwest MB. This should help fire up some of that convection over the next couple of days.


  1. I don’t have a comment about the much needed rain that is going to fall today, It’s more of a question. I’m looking to buying a Davis Vantage Pro2 6152, and I’m looking for advice on where I can purchase one from along with the internet software version. Please feel free to email me at with any information. I'm located in SW Winnipeg.


  2. Hi Rob,
    Chris in Westwood checking in again. I always check your site as my first page in Safari. Speaking of precipitation, how much trouble would it be to indicate the normals adjacent to your monthly actuals?
    Love your site,

  3. Hi Chris..

    The software I use to display my data is hard coded, so I can't display the normal data on the main weather display graphic. However, I can add a link to monthly precip normals where the pcpn stats are. Also, if you look under STATS >> ANNUAL DATA, scroll down to the precip stats, and it will show current monthly precip from my site and departure from normal.

    Enjoy the rain!