Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Cooler and unsettled for May long weekend..

Well, the May long weekend is approaching, and you now what that means.. high gas prices and lousy weather! It will be especially disappointing after 2 warm dry days to end this week with temperatures in the mid twenties on Thursday and Friday. Unfortunately, a cold front will push through from the north Friday evening ushering in much cooler air from the north Friday night into Saturday. Temperatures will only be in the low to mid teens on Saturday along with mainly cloudy skies. On Sunday somewhat milder air will be trying to work in from the south, but that will give rise to more clouds and an increasing chance of showers Sunday into Monday. There could even be some thunderstorm activity Sunday night into Monday. Hey, it's the May 2-4 weekend in southern MB.. what else would you expect??


  1. The models show a huge temperature contrast behind the front, with extremely cold air (for this time of year) behind the front. But very little moisture will pool ahead of the front so it looks like not many storms will occur.

    The weather for the weekend and all of next week looks awful! Very cool with clouds and temps struggling to reach 10 C. Although warmer tries to push in on Sunday, most of warm air and moisture advection will be focused south of us once again. It looks like we might not even get much rain.

    Anyways...we better enjoy today and tomorrow. I hope the models are wrong about this prolonged cold spell...its almost June!


  2. Dan..

    Yeah, doesn't look good. Mother Nature is not going to please too many people this weekend with her sense of timing. That cold front will be pushing through Winnipeg sometime Friday afternoon just as people are packing up for the campgrounds, then watch that temperature plunge by evening. Check out Thompson this afternoon as the front went through.. temperature dropped 7 degrees in one hour from 21C at 1 pm to 14C at 2 pm, and it's only 0C not too far away in Lynn Lake and Gillam. Yikes! Pack that parka this weekend if you're camping!