Saturday, May 05, 2007

More rain on the way...

A large area of rain over North Dakota (see image) is spreading north into southern MB tonight and will bring steady rain to the Red River valley tonight into Sunday morning. The rain may be heavy at times, possibly with some embedded thunderstorms, with amounts of 15-25 mm possible by morning especially over southern and western sections of the Red River valley.


  1. Another 7 mm of rain at my place yesterday and overnight.. giving a 2 day total of 27 mm here in Charleswood. A very beneficial rain, with a good amount falling over a relatively long period.. just what our soil needed.

  2. This rain was the greatest thing since sliced bread. I collected 24 mm near Grant and Kenaston.

    It was amazing... like a hose right down to the Gulf of Mexico. Do these conditions happen very often? I can't recall one, but then it's not my job.

  3. They happen from time to time.. and sometimes we can get a prolonged period of southerly winds advecting moisture from the Gulf of Mexico. But overall, this was an unusually slow moving system.. which provided an extended period of severe weather south of us through the Central Plains.. (including that massive Greensburg, KS tornado) Note that June tends to be our biggest rain producing month as we get more humid and more unstable air moving in.