Friday, November 06, 2009

Temperatures hit the 20C mark over SW Manitoba

Sunshine, snowfree ground and gusty south to southwest winds allowed temperatures to climb into the upper teens and low 20s across SW Manitoba today. The warmest spots were downwind of higher terrain with downsloping southwest winds coming off Riding Mtns and Turtle Mountain allowing temperatures to climb into the 20s.. well above the normal high of +2C this time of year. Temperatures were a little cooler in Winnipeg and the Red River valley thanks to a southerly valley wind, but were still well above normal. Some highs across southern MB today included..

Killarney....24.1C *
Dunrea.......23.8C *
Boissevain...23.4C *
Glenboro.....21.4C *

* from CWB Weatherbug mesonet

see also stats from MB Ag-Wx mesonet


  1. Great results to last Monday morning Bloghead forecast ROB..

    How long is this going to last??

  2. Difficult to accept an 830pm 10C in Grand Beach on Lake Winnipeg and a 5C in Grand Forks 300Km south, particularly when you leave one for the other .

    Is that the GF Dan wishcast effect?

  3. Don't worry... GF still has a few more nice days coming up along with the rest of us.

    Temperatures are still in the double digits to the west of us as of 10 pm. Winnipeg may pop back above 10c tonight if and when our wind shifts to the west...

  4. With those temperatures did we break any records????

    I got home from work tonight and was checking out some of the temperatures and wind and noticed Dauphin had a 61-74 km wind at 11:00 pm and then after there was No readings!

    i wonder if the wind blew the weather station away???? :>)

  5. Brandon broke a record yesterday at 17.8C, beating the previous record of 16C in 1949.

  6. Lovely early October day out there.. making up for that November weather we had in early October! Up to 13C today in Winnipeg.. a bonus over the 10C forecast. Models will often underestimate the high temperature for Winnipeg by 2 or 3 degrees in a post cold frontal westerly flow.

  7. Hi yep those west winds do wonders warming things up in the RRV even if the temps crash above 925 mph like they did on Saturday. A SSE wind is not a warm wind in the RRV as we noticed on Friday.

  8. This is wonderful weather. The Bombers couldn't have asked for better conditions. I remember the second Grey Cup game... I think it was the warmest Grey Cup ever, quite the distinction for Winnipeg.

    On Friday the clouds were of the textbook variety, very high quilted ones. What does that say about the state of the atmosphere? Did we have a very thick layer of uniformly warm air? How high are quilted clouds?

  9. Break out the sunscreen and shorts!

    Almost record breaking temperatures out there today!

  10. Based on the data I could find, the Novembers of 1923 and 1899 are the warmest on record for Winnipeg, with a mean temp of +1.3C. The next warmest was 1981, with a mean temp of +1.0.

    On the other hand, the coldest November ever was -14.0C in 1896, followed by -13.3 in 1875.

    Rob, can you confirm if these are the correct extremes?

    Here are current mean temps for selected cities:

    Winnipeg: -0.1C
    Brandon : -0.2C
    Morden : +1.5C
    Portage : +1.3C
    Steinbach: +2.0C
    Steinbach (my station): +3.2C

    That makes Steinbach +7.0 or +8.2C above normal and Winnipeg +5.2C above normal. Bear in mind that the above mean temps don't include the last two days (Nov 7 & 8), which would put that mean even higher. By my calculation, the actual average for Winnipeg by the end of Nov 8, is +1.7C.

  11. Scott..

    Yeah, those November extremes are correct. Normal November mean is -5.3C. Last November was -4.2C. If this November finishes above normal, it will be the 6th consecutive November above normal in Winnipeg. Our last colder than normal November was 2003.

    BTW, I was surprised how warm we got today.. 13C which felt even nicer with the light wind. Temperature guidance has been underestimating highs in this mild airmass, so I'm thinking Winnipeg may hit 10 or 11C Monday (current forecast high 8C) with the aid of that westerly flow and sunshine. Brisk southerly valley winds return Tuesday.

  12. This long range forecast does not look good if you are a snow lover.

    no big storms or no big cold!

    Looks like I will be cutting grass instead of shoveling a foot of snow!

  13. I'm OK with that.. the less snow and cold, the better! I don't think there are too many people who will complain that Winnipeg winters aren't long enough! Personally, I'm hoping for the first green Christmas in 70 years!

    BTW, another double digit high in Winnipeg today.. our 4th in a row. With a couple more double-digit highs possible tomorrow and Wednesday, Winnipeg may set a new record for consecutive 10+C days in November. (I'll have to check, but I think the current record streak is 5 in a row)

    Tuesday's 10C day won't feel as nice though thanks to those strong southerly valley winds gusting to 60 or 70 km/h by the afternoon.

  14. Checked some stats and I found that the longest streak of 10C days in November for Winnipeg was 8 straight days in the glorious fall of 1963, from Nov 2-9th. Next longest streak was 6 days in 1975, from Nov 1-6th during which time we hit our all time November maximum of 23.9C on the 5th. Looks like we'll tie the 1975 streak, and possibly get 7 days if we reach 10C Thursday.