Thursday, November 12, 2009

Double digit streak goes to 7 days.. 2nd longest on record for November

With temperatures hitting 11C today in Winnipeg, it marked the 7th day in a row of double digit highs in the city since last Friday. This is the 2nd longest streak of 10C days for November in Winnipeg since records began in 1872, second only to the 8 day streak from Nov 2-9, 1963. Note that we had only five double digit highs in all of October. The streak will end at 7 days as slightly cooler weather moves in Friday, however temperatures will remain above normal for the next week at least.

The top streak of 10C days in November in Winnipeg..

1. 8 days.. 1963 Nov 2-9 .. max 13.9C
2. 7 days.. 2009 Nov 6-12.. max 13.8C
3. 6 days.. 1975 Nov 1-6 .. max 23.9C
4. 5 days.. 1904 Nov 2-6 .. max 18.3C
4. 5 days.. 1899 Nov 2-6 .. max 15.6C
4. 5 days.. 1923 Nov 8-12.. max 14.4C

The most number of 10C days in a November in Winnipeg is 11 days in 1904 followed by 10 in 1981.


  1. Until late yesterday i thought we might have already managed a record for November sunshine Hours as well. Long term forecasts still includes a number of sunny days and I suspect we are already near the average. 95.6 hours

    Can anyone confirm ?

  2. Average temperature for this November is +2.4C, which is 1.1C higher than the record for the warmest November. With the temperatures expected next week, we should be able to hold that record mean temperature for some time, but at this point I think it will be hard to actually make that the record.

  3. Unfortunately, Winnipeg no longer keeps sunshine records (few sites do anymore) They stopped in 1997, after more than 85 years of measurements.

    Up to 1997, the sunniest November was in 1976 with 139.7 hrs for the month. That month was also our driest November on record, with only 0.8 mm total precipitation.

  4. As of Oct 1 all sunshine switches/machines were removed from NWS offices as well. NWS said there were other means to obtain this data from more automated means at the National Climate Center.

  5. Looks like we'll be getting a little colder than that -4C forecast for tonight under a ridge and clear skies. Temperatures dropped to -9C to -12C in the ridge last night over southern SK..

  6. It's already -7 C as of 9:30 !

    I was looking at the record low for Winnipeg and it is -26 C in 1986!

    Is that not year that Winnipeg got a massive blizzard around this time in 1986??????

  7. Can anyone tell me if we are on par for the warmest and driest November on record?????

  8. As of the 13th, Winnipeg had a monthly average of +2.5C.. well above the normal of -5C, and ahead of the record warmest November of 1923 and 1899 at +1.3C. But we still have a long way to go, and the normals only get colder from here.. so we'll have to maintain this pace through the the rest of the month to possibly set a record. Looks like we'll still be within record territory through the end of next week, but the average could tumble quickly if we get some colder air for the end of November (and we all know how quickly things can change around here..)

    Note that in November 1981, we had an even warmer start with a mean of +5C through the 15th, but cooler weather in the second half of November dropped the monthly average to +1.0C.. 3rd warmest November on record. Similarly, in 2001, we had another beautiful November with a mean of +2.6C through the 24th, but colder weather in the last week dropped the overall monthly average to 0.9C, 4th warmest November overall. So although a record warm November is possible this year, we'll have to keep that Arctic air at bay for another 2 weeks, and that may be tough to do.

    As for driest November, that was 1976 at 0.8 mm, and we've already had 1.0 mm this month.

  9. In light (pun intended) of the following, sunshine stats are important. This is especially so for RRvers in November when there is potential for less winter light enhancement due to absence of snow

    "Lack of sunshine causes Seasonal Affective Disorder for many

    In a poll, 69% of people said they are in a better mood when the sun is shining, compared to 24% who said the sun doesn't affect their mood and 7% were unsure. Of course, these results are not scientific and those drawn toward are not necessarily a typical audience. In any case, seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is real and is also known as the "winter blues". It's when people experience depressive symptoms due to lack of sunshine. SAD is almost nonexistent in the tropics.

  10. Does this explains why the stampede for southern Travel tickets starts in November and adds momentum thru January?

  11. I think I have the reverse SAD (there is really such a thing). I truly feel miserable after about 3 days of sunshine and warm weather...but once the clouds come it is so much better. Cloudy days dont bother me in the least. My wife on the other hand....

  12. I have to agree with you Dan, this am only. The cloud free sunrise this morning would definitely be enhanced by a a few wisps of cloud on the Horizon.