Sunday, November 22, 2009

Gusty Saturday sets new record high in Winnipeg

The mild November of 2009 continued into its third week, with record breaking temperatures on Saturday. In Winnipeg, the high of 13.4C at Winnipeg airport set a new record high for Nov 21st, eclipsing the previous mark of 11.1C in 1904. It was also the 10th day this month of double digit temperatures, twice the number recorded in October, and tying 1981 for the second most double digit days in November. The record breaking day was also accompanied by strong southerly winds gusting as high as 76 km/h at the airport Saturday afternoon. Although slightly cooler weather is forecast over the next few days, temperatures are expected to remain above normal through mid week and possibly into next weekend before hints of a change to colder weather by the end of the month into early December. Until then, Winnipeg is on pace to record its warmest November on record. As of the 21st, the mean monthly temperature at Winnipeg airport was +2.4C, over 7 degrees above normal and a degree warmer than the record warmest Novembers of 1899 and 1923 at 1.3C.


  1. Note that the airport recorded another phantom 0.5 mm precipitation yesterday. This is a false precipitation reading from the automated station due to "wind pumping" This is a problem with a certain type of automated rain gauge, known as a "weighing gauge", that sometimes get tricked by strong winds into thinking that precipitation has fallen into its collection pan, resulting in a false precipitation reading. The reading should be deleted from the climate record.

  2. In terms of records the warmest November ever should be broken this year looking at the long range!

    However the driest November is gonna be hard to beat!!

    Some of the models are showing a storm in the area on the 29th!

    Could we dodge that bullet too>>????

  3. Area of rain over Minnesota and ND moving northward today.. likely spilling into SE MB this afternoon into tonight, possibly mixing with some wet snow overnight. Could be the first measurable pcpn in 3 weeks for this area. Models keep pcpn southeast of Winnipeg..

  4. Another piece of energy is expected to impact the area Tuesday night into Wednesday.

    Winnipeg could get some flurries then!!!

    Oh by the way Winnipeg record high today is 8.9 C!

    Within reach of maybe breaking a record today!

  5. Yes, models show an area of snow passing through southern MB Tuesday night with 2-5 cm possible mainly over SW Manitoba .. but Winnipeg and the RRV could see a dusting to 2 cm out of it. We'll see if we can dodge another bullet.. 22 days and counting with no pcpn!

    For today, area of rain has spread into the Sprague region early this afternoon.. with 5-10 mm possible over extreme SE MB this afternoon into tonight. We'll have to see if the rain shield gets as far west as Winnipeg, but so far, models have continued to keep pcpn to our southeast.

    Meanwhile on the Wet Coast.. another 30-40 mm today.. Pt Alberni now over 700 mm for the month!

  6. When is the latest date outdoor Skating began in Winnipeg?

    The last few years peparation of rinks started as early as the first week of December after 2 or 3 weeks of -xx.xC temps.(07)

    Has it ever been postponed to January?

  7. Do we really have an above average Year to date Mean Temp??

    Who woulda thought, after this years 8 consecutive months and 9 of the previous 10 below average??

    Can those stats be correct Do less than 2 good months really offset 8 cold ones?

  8. I have a feeling that 2 months of really warm weather (September, November) will not offset the very cold summer and spring that we had!

    Someone would have to get a calculator out to tell you for sure!!!

  9. Those year to date stats do not include December.. so it's assuming 0.0C for December which would be 14 degrees above normal! (and the warmest ever December)

  10. Well, results from my unscientific blog poll reveal that no one thinks we'll have snow on the ground by Dec 1st. Most people (72%) think we'll only see a few flurries by Dec 1st, but still bare ground while 28% think we won't see any snow until December. Let's see if Mother Nature agrees with our findings!

  11. Rob!

    For your poll....

    Does 2 flakes of snow count as a
    "few flurries"?????



  12. Models did quite well in handling area of rain to our southeast yesterday. Rain never made it to Winnipeg, but it did get as far west as Steinbach (1-3 mm) and Dominion City (0.3 mm) Higher amounts over the southeast corner of the province including 9 mm in Sprague, 13 mm in Vassar, 6 mm in Pinawa, as well as 8 mm in Kenora.

    We'll see if we can dodge another bullet with the next area of precipitation.. this time an area of snow currently developing over central SK moving southeast. Again, models show bulk of pcpn missing Winnipeg, this time to our southwest mainly tonight.

  13. The latest GFS run is showing a pocket of heavier snow sometime tonight...
    Looks to impact areas closer to the international border!

    I also think Environment Canada is a little to light on the winds for tomorrow!!!!

    Winds of at least 30 km/h look more likely!!!!