Monday, December 01, 2008

November 2008 Highlights

November 2008 finished milder than normal in Winnipeg and Southern MB, the 4th month in a row with above normal temperatures. Precipitation for the month was also above normal, but that was largely due to a storm system on the 6-7th that brought large amounts of rain, freezing rain, ice pellets and snow to the Red River valley. The last 3 weeks of the month were quiet and inactive, with little in the way of significant precipitation or large temperature swings. As a result, the month seemed to delay winter after a somewhat early start.

Overall, the month finished over a degree above normal with a mean temperature of -4.2C at the airport (-3.2C at my site) vs a long term November average of -5.3C. The month began on a very mild note, with a record high of 18.8C on the 3rd.. the warmest November day in Winnipeg since Nov 5th 1975 when we hit 23.9C (all time November high). The mild start and snowfree ground had golfers enjoying some late season golf through Nov 4th, with no hint of winter like weather. That would change soon enough however as a storm system tracking through from the Dakotas on Nov 6th-7th brought a messy mix of rain, freezing rain, ice pellets and snow to the Red River valley. The storm brought some 40-70 mm of rain and ice pellets to the southern Red River valley bringing high water levels to the Red River on the heels of a wetter than normal fall. By the morning of the 7th, Winnipeg and much of the western Red River valley had been transformed into a winter wonderland, with about 5-8 cm of snow falling in Winnipeg and heavier amounts of 15-25 cm west of the city from Pilot Mound through Portage. Snow has remained on the ground since with a month end snowcover of 5 cm in Winnipeg. Areas further south and east of Winnipeg however saw much less snow with this storm system, and enjoyed snowfree grounds through the end of the month.

After the 7th, the weather turned quiet and uneventful with some minor snowfalls now and then but little in the way of high impact weather. A mid month cold snap brought the month's coldest temperature of -19C on the 21st but that was followed by mild and dry conditions to end the month. The month finished with about 15 cm of snow at my site, slightly less than an average November monthly snowfall of 21 cm.

Overall, an early tease of winter, but a mild and quiet month overall.

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