Monday, December 15, 2008

There's cold..then there's real COLD!

Yes it's cold here.. but we're not the only ones suffering through frigid temperatures. The cold weather has flooded much of western Canada and the northern States with well below normal temperatures. Even the balmy west coast is shivering through subfreezing temperatures, with Vancouver expected to remain below freezing for the next week. And if you really want to see cold.. check out Siberia. Verkoyansk was a brutal -56C this morning (actual air temperature, not windchill) with plenty of -50C readings across Siberia. Makes that -30C feel downright balmy, eh? Finally, it's always an interesting read to see what real cold weather is like. Check out this interesting article, Life at Minus 80, about the day Snag, Yukon hit -62C (-81F) on February 3rd, 1947.. North America's coldest temperature on record. Don't you feel warmer now?

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  1. Do i feel warmer now....ummmmmm......