Friday, December 19, 2008

Snowfall warning issued for areas near the US border - Winter Storm Warnings south of the border

A storm system moving across the Northern Plain states is spreading an area of snow through North Dakota  and southwest MB today. This area of snow will slowly move eastward tonight and persist through Saturday and Saturday night over North Dakota and southern MB. A snowfall warning has been issued for areas along the US border from Killarney through Emerson to Steinbach and Vita for up to 15 cm of snow by Saturday evening. Here in Winnipeg, we will still see snow out of this system tonight and Saturday, with amounts up to 10 cm expected by Saturday evening.   

Once again, conditions are expected to be worse south of the border. Like last weekend, this will mean difficult travel conditions if you're heading into North Dakota or northern Minnesota, although this event should not be as severe as last weekend's blizzard in those areas.   Nevertheless, winter storm warnings have been issued for North Dakota and northern Minnesota for snowfalls of 15 to 25 cm tonight through Saturday along with gusty winds and blowing snow through Saturday night.  People planning to travel to the States this weekend should be prepared for poor driving conditions and allow extra time to reach their destination.  


  1. Winnipeg will see more snow. Snow will spread East throughout the evening with an expanding precipitation shield. Snow will increase in coverage with the heaviest snow falling late tonight into tomorrow morning. The whole column saturates over our region late this evening as the Inverted Trough sharpens up. The trough will then remain nearly stationary tomorrow and pivot itself to a NW to SE orientation over the Red River Valley tomorrow afternoon. Snowfall totals for CYWG...15cm+ with more amounts as you head South. Winnipeg will not get grazed, and they won't get the brunt of the snowfall. They will see an even blend which will likely equate to a 6''+ snowfall.


  2. I like your style Anonymous. What is your prediction for Steinbach?

  3. The main precipitation shield that
    Anonymous was talking about it starting to form
    It took a while for the air to saturate with very light snow falling as of late
    Looks like the heavy snow is about to begin!

  4. heavy snowfall in the Winnipeg area
    now with snowfall rate up to 1cm per hour!!!
    radar is starting to fill in nicely now!

  5. The WRF model is showing substantially more snowfall than previous expected. It basically depicts a swath of 15 to 25cm across Southern Manitoba, south of the Trans-Canada. I don't know if that will hold up, but I would say that Winnipeg will probably be under a snowfall warning by morning.

  6. Quite a bit of snow fell last night with about 5 cm of fresh snow on the ground!
    Another 5 looks like a sure bet with a light but steady snow all day !

  7. Very light snow coming down. I am currently melting the snowfall, so I'll be able to let you in on the ratio soon. I haven't ventured outside to measure the snow yet, but it appears as though we have around 3, or maybe 4cm on the ground. I predict Winnipeg will be under a snowfall warning yet today.

  8. I measured 6 cm of new snow here in Charleswood as of 8 am. Nice light fluffy snow, no wind, "balmy" -16C.. very pleasant out there. Could be some visibility problems tonight and Sunday once the winds pick up and blow that light fluffy snow around.

  9. I have calculated a 32:1 snow ratio here.

    4.5cm of snow, and 1.4mm liquid equivalent. I think the ratio is right...

    We should easily get up to 10cm here. A number of heavier bands are rolling through now. To get up to 15cm we would need almost constant heavy snow. Personally I think 10cm is a good number for here.

    Blizzard conditions will be reached tonight if the winds get up to 40 G 60. There is no doubt about it. What regions have blowing snow is in question, however I expect all the valley regions to experience a blizzard...Portage, Morden, and Steinbach.

  10. My ratio is on the way down as heavier snow is falling.

    Ratio is now 25:1.

  11. Well the snow did arrive in Manitoba. My projected amounts were never reached. I think a general 10cm fell across the Winnipeg area. The Trough is now being cut off from the Low to the Southeast so the snow is rapidly weakening. The trough is currently oriented NW to SE across the Eastern Red River Valley and is fading ever so slightly into a radar bliss.

    All-in-all, an okay snow event. Now it's time to endure some cold air...

    Next shot at a significant snow event...Tuesday the 23rd. Now this one has potential as long as the Low moves just a little bit more to the North!

    My gut says that North Dakota will receive the majority of the snow YET YET again!

  12. North Dakota get all the good weather these days.

    We received 7 to 8cm in Steinbach, with 2.6mm liquid equivalent. The snow ratio was generally 25-30:1 throughout the day. 25:1 was in the heavier bands, and 30:1 was in lighter bands.

    Blizzard warning out for the Southern RRV. I look forward to some big snow drifts!

  13. Thanks for w/s ratios Scott.. good info. Another 2.4 cm today.. storm total 8.4 cm here in Charleswood. Getting some blowing and drifting snow now as the winds pick up.

    BTW.. Amazing cold out west today. A low of -29c this morning in Kelowna, with a high of only -19C. Vancouver got down to -14c, with a high of -7C. Now a storm is bearing down on the coast tonight into Sunday with 10-20 cm of snow and blizzard like conditions in parts of the Fraser valley and Vancouver Island. This is quite the cold wave across western Canada.

  14. Snow moving in as I type. Precip shield slowly entering Southern Regions of the province.

    5cm+ by the looks of things, maybe a little more

  15. I don't know how much to expect out of this system. My forecasting instinct says 2-4cm, but since all the other events have been less than expected maybe I should say 2cm.

  16. I only picked up 1 cm overnight here in Charleswood , but I see St Alphonse and Belmont areas to the west picked up 6-7 cm.

  17. The snow piles in the city of Winnipeg are really starting to pile up!
    All these little snows are starting to add up!
    Also add the fact that none of the snow is melting!
    Whew....and we have NOT even had a big storm yet!

  18. The city did a major street clearing over the weekend which built up the snowbanks quite a bit. Roads are nice and clean but the banks are getting up there. Watch out if we really get a good dump of snow.

  19. Lets hope for a good dump of snow. Would be nice to see 10-15cm for a change not all of these 2-4 cm and a couple of glorified 5-6cm snowfalls or more likely called fluff

  20. 10+cm looks possible for Boxing Day! --Can one say...Colorado Low?

    Stay tuned!