Tuesday, December 23, 2008

College of DuPage server problems

Links through College of DuPage are currently unavailable due to server problems. They hope to have it up and running soon. Until then, access to warnings and some satellite photos on my website will not be working properly. EC warnings can be found through the Weatheroffice website.


  1. Looks like warning links have been re-established.. but satellite images still unavailable.

  2. It is too bad all the COD weather stuff is down. It is a great way to quickly check a forecast.

    Looks like another storm may be on the way for Friday-Saturday. The Weather Network already has 10 to 15cm. The NAM has about 20cm, the GFS about 10 to 15cm, and the GEM 10 to 15cm.

    I would give the WRF forecast, but since COD is down I only have access to a 72 hour forecast, which isn't sufficient for this application.

  3. The ETA, which is the old WRF, shows about 20cm.

  4. Hi Rob,

    Really cold and snowy weather through all Canada as I can see! And particularly cold in Winnipeg, wow! How much snow do you have on the ground now?

    Merry Christmas and enjoy the holidays!!!

  5. The Colorado Low for Friday night into Saturday looks promising...

    High snowfall amounts appear possible with this storm and for once the track looks to make a bee-line for Winnipeg and points West & East.

    The HPC already has a 40% prob for a 4 inch + snowfall.

    Model consensus shows a general 10-15cm...finally!!!

    Stay tuned....this could be our first real snowstorm of 2008...or should I say last snowstorm of 2008?

  6. there might even be a possible mix of freezing rain with this system with quite a bit of warm air coming in!

  7. I agree, 10 to 15cm seems like the most reasonable amount right now.

  8. well it looks very interesting the next few days!
    Looks like we have a snowfall tomorrow with about 5 cm that looks to fall over southern Manitoba!
    10 cm even looks possible in the few locales!
    This will be an inverted trough that will pass us and we know what happened with the last inverted trough! (MORE SNOW THAN Predicted)!

    Then on Sunday a weak clipper type system will give us a couple cm!
    Then on Tuesday....well all I can say is LOOK OUT!

  9. According to the NAM and GFS 10 to 15cm is possible along a line from Emerson to Great Falls. Places like Steinbach, Beausejour, Grunthal, and Lac du Bonnet are set to receive heavy snow. I would expect Winnipeg to see 5cm at the airport, and 5 to 10cm in the south-eastern quadrant of the city.