Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Record high!

Winnipeg has hit a record 17C today.. eclipsing the former daily high of 16.3 set back in 1999. We are currently the warmest spot in the country and it's only 11am!  But a cold front will push through by the lunch hour, and temperatures will begin sliding down this afternoon, while winds will be picking up from the west, with gusts to 80 km/h or more this afternoon. Watch out for flying garbage cans! 


  1. wow that is amazing
    I mean i knew it was going to be warm but not this warm.
    I mean there also no sign of any winter blasts anytime soon

  2. When will we get our first real snowstorm? It isn't really a snowstorm if it doesn't have at least a snowfall warning attached to it. Better yet a Winter Storm or Blizzard Warning!

  3. Hey Bruce..can you come on CJOB tomorrow morn 610am bbarkley@cjob.com