Thursday, November 08, 2007

A little snow on the way tonight?

A weak system over Saskatchewan is forecast to spread an area of snow into southern MB today which will move into the Winnipeg area by this afternoon or evening.  Radar shows some light snow moving into western MB from Saskatchewan this morning.  The snow will likely be melting on contact with the ground by the time it reaches Winnipeg as temperatures will be above freezing. There's even a chance the precipitation will mix with light rain if temperatures get warm enough (around +3 or +4C) For tonight, temperatures should remain steady near the freezing/melting point, so any snow that falls will likely be melting however we could see a slushy accumulation of 1 or 2 cm mainly on grassy surfaces tonight. There's a better chance of some accumulating snow north of Winnipeg through the Interlake areas where temperatures will be a little cooler and the main precipitation axis is forecast. The system is expected to exit southern MB overnight with drier conditions for Friday.  


  1. Well that was a let down.. just like Sunday, a weak clipper system from the west weakened by the time it got to Winnipeg.. leaving us with only a few melting flurries. Temperatures upstream are also above freezing, so I don't think we'll see much of a freeze tonight with temperatures remaining steady near +1 most of the night. Could see some dense fog developing as well as humidity values rise to near 100%. If you're looking for snow, models aren't indicating any significant snow-bearing systems in the foreseeable future (through next week anyways) so you snowlovers will have to wait!

  2. quick burst of snow passed thru central Winnipeg ... there was even a lightning flash ... thunder snow!

  3. Daniel..

    What a freaky display that was! I was woken up at 11:45 pm by a very loud thunderclap that must have been very close by. It was as loud as any close by summertime lightning strike, yet it was +1 and snowing at the time. I didn't see the flash, but many people reported one. Data from the lightning detector network indicates that the strike hit somewhere near the Eldridge/Oakdale area of Charleswood and generated 104,000 amps of electricity, which is a very powerful stroke. (normal lightning strikes generate about 20-40K amps) Note that this was the only strike recorded last night.. almost like the cloud built up all this static electricity, then released it all at one time right over Charleswood! By the way, thunder is very rare around these parts during the cold season, with only 4 official occurrences between November and March in the last 50 years at Winnipeg Airport.