Sunday, November 25, 2007

Get ready for some COLD weather this week!

Yikes.. I'm not liking what the upcoming week looks like over Southern MB. Very cold air will be flooding in by late Monday, and it looks like it'll be here for awhile.. at least through the end of the week, perhaps through next week as well. For today, southern MB will be under a frontal zone separating mild air to our south from frigid Arctic air to the north (lots of -30s this morning over Nrn MB and Nrn SK) Weak disturbances will move across this frontal zone today into tonight giving southern MB a few cm of snow through the period. (In fact, snow will be spreading into Winnipeg by 9 am or so this morning from the northwest with lowering visibilities) On Monday, the frontal zone is forecast to shift south of us, which will allow the cold air from the northern Prairies to begin flooding in. The cold air will be well entrenched over southern MB by Monday night with temperatures dropping into the minus 20s, and highs on Tuesday only in the minus teens. Little relief is expected the rest of the week, although it should remain generally snow free. After such a mild and tame start to winter, this upcoming cold weather will come as a bit of a shock to residents of southern MB used to the mild weather. Break out the heavy winter gear!

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  1. Love your blog.
    Thanks for the heads up on this week's excursion into the great white north's freezer!

    Chris in Westwood.