Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A cold night..

It's definitely feeling more like winter out there with the coldest weather in Winnipeg since last March. Highs today didn't climb above -7C and for tonight, temperatures are forecast to drop to a bone-chilling -19C. This would make it Winnipeg's coldest temperature since March 7.. over 8 months ago. And it looks like the cold weather will last for awhile, with below normal temperatures expected over the next week or two. Hard to believe that just last week, we were enjoying 17C temperatures! Still not a lot of snow on the horizon yet, but with these colder temperatures, it's only a matter of time!

1 comment:

  1. Some early morning lows this morning:

    Winnipeg Airport: -18.0C
    Winnipeg Forks: -12.2C

    Gimli: -18.3C
    Carman: -18.2C
    Emerson: -18.6C
    Morden: -15.6C
    Portage: -17.2C
    Brandon: -18.0C
    Pilot Mound: -18.2C
    Dauphin: -19.0C
    Clear Lake: -21.0C

    I had forgotten what -16C felt like as I headed out to work this morning. It's been awhile! In fact , before this morning, Winnipeg had yet to drop below -10C this season.