Sunday, September 23, 2007

Summerlike Sunday - part 2

For the second Sunday in a row, summerlike temperatures spread into Southern MB, with 30 degree heat along the US border. Emerson was the national hot spot with a sizzling 32.4C temperature as of 5 pm, with Sprague and Gretna registering 31C temperatures. Winnipeg was also on its way to possibly hitting 30C today, but a cold front came through around 3 pm, with winds shifting into the northeast bringing cooler air from the interlake, knocking temperatures down from 27C to 22c between 3 and 4 pm.

For tonight a band of showers and possible thunderstorms is expected to move across southern MB from the southwest. Models are suggesting between 10 and 20 mm of rain over much of the Red River valley by morning including Winnipeg with some locally heavy rain at times thanks to embedded shower or thunderstorm activity moving up from North Dakota. Hopefully, this rain materializes and doesn't miss us, as has been the case the past couple of months. Look for a blustery and much cooler day Monday with cloudy skies, occasional light rain or drizzle, and temperatures only around 10C. Welcome to the roller coaster weather of fall!

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  1. I guess there was quite a temperature gradient across southern MB. Here in the RM of St. Andrews just northeast of Winnipeg it only got up to 24.1C before the wind shifted to the northeast.