Monday, September 17, 2007

Another nice day.. cooler Tuesday

It was another balmy summer-like day over southern MB with sunshine and temperatures in the mid 20s along with dewpoints in the upper teens. The warm weather however will come to end Tuesday as northerly winds develop bringing considerably cooler air southward. That cool air was evident over central MB and the northern Interlake today with temperatures only around 10C this afternoon in Swan River under overcast skies. That cool air should be moving into Winnipeg Tuesday morning with afternoon temperatures likely only in the mid teens - some 10 degrees cooler than today's mid twenty values. Currently, the forecast high for Winnipeg on Tuesday is 22c which looks a little optimistic from what I'm seeing. Don't be surprised to see that forecast high revised downward by tomorrow.

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  1. Cool air has moved into Southern MB early this morning with overcast skies and occasional fog and drizzle. Temperatures of 12C this morning will not likely budge much the rest of the day under cloudy skies, northerly winds and temperatures of 9-10C upstream. Quite the change from yesterday's beautiful weather..