Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Some much needed rain Thursday?

A weather system tracking across the northern US plains will spread an area of showers across southern MB on Thursday hopefully bringing some much needed rainfall to the south Winnipeg area. Current indications are that between 5 to 10 mm of rain is expected across Winnipeg, although some model solutions indicate as much as 20 mm of rain is possible (more likely with embedded thunderstorms) . This would be most welcome across southern Winnipeg which has been very dry since late July. Lawns here are brown and cracked with a severe lack of subsoil moisture. Here in Charleswood, I've only recorded 26 mm of rain since August 1, with no single rainfall over 5 mm over that time. The last time we had more than 5 mm of rain at one time was way back on July 25th during a heavy thunderstorm when 18 mm fell. So a little rain Thursday wouldn't be such a bad thing..we could sure use it.


  1. Picked up 5.3 mm with this system.. not as much as we were hoping for, but at this point we'll take it. Hard to believe that was my greatest one day rainfall in almost 2 months..

  2. It really is hard to believe... especially since we don't seem to be in large scale drought pattern. It just seems that all the dynamics have been setting up a couple hundred kilometers south of us since late July.

    We need to tap into an aggressive southerly flow overspreading a cooler airmass to get abundant rain. This just has not has been consistently occurring in South Dakota and Southern Minnesota.

    If we do tap into some moisture we have quickly become capped as a warm upper ridge suddenly surges north.

  3. I'm hating this dry spell. I know weather is rarely "normal" but we seem to have switched to a feast or famine percipitation pattern. As I recall, 2005 had excessive moisture, 2006 was very dry, and 2007 started out well and is now back to very dry. None of out media meteorologists mentions the drought, they all go gaga over sun and heat.