Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Another cold blast coming in..

After a brief reprieve today with temperatures close to or over the 20 degree mark over Southern MB, a cold front will push through this evening bringing in much cooler air for Thursday. Brisk northwest winds on Thursday along with cloudy skies will keep temperatures only in the single digits most of the day, with afternoon highs struggling to hit the 10c mark. There will be occasional showers as well, although amounts should be on the light side here with the bulk of the rain falling through the interlake.

Thursday night will be downright cold as 850 mb temperatures plunge to -5C. This will be cold enough to possibly generate.. wait for it.. SNOW, especially over higher elevations of Southern MB! In addition, the cold air moving over the warm lake waters (currently running around 16 to 18C over the south basins) will generate bands of lake effect precipitation to the south and southeast of Lakes Manitoba and Winnipeg Thursday night into Friday morning. The warm lake waters should keep the lake effect precipitation as rain, however there is a chance that if the instability is deep enough and the bands are intense, the lake effect precipitation could change to wet snow.

Yikes.. a little too early to be talking about the S word!

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