Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Time change poll

Do you like the earlier DST time change?
Yes, I like the longer evenings.
No, I hate the darker mornings.
Makes no difference to me
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  1. Well, preliminary results are in from my highly scientific and thoroughly researched web poll :), and based on an overwhelming response of 13 people, it appears that people are evenly split about the change to an earlier DST time change.

    A slight majority like the longer daylight in the evening (46%), while 38% of respondents didn't like the idea of another 3-4 weeks of later sunrises. 15% didn't really care one way or another (those must be the retired folks :)

    So there you have it.. my first web poll. Thanks to everyone who responded. I will periodically conduct more of these polls in the future on varous topics.

  2. Poll update.. (Mar 16)

    Had a few more responses come in yesterday, and now it looks like a clear majority of people prefer the earlier time change. About 60% of people like the change, compared to only 30% who don't. I'm a little surprised by the results, as I thought more people would not like another 3-4 weeks of darker mornings especially here in Winnipeg where we still have lots of snow and cold. I guess those nice longer evenings make up for it for most people!

    But, this is a web poll based on 17 responses.. we ain't talking Angus Reid here! It'll be interesting to see how these results truly reflect the opinions out there.