Saturday, March 10, 2007

Mild Monday..

A strong low pressure system is forecast to move across northern Alberta into northern SK on Monday bringing a push of very mild air across the southern Prairies. Temperatures are expected to soar into the mid teens across southern SK, especially over the southwest where there is little or no snowcover. This airmass will be cooled somewhat by the time it reaches southern MB, due to an extensive snowpack over the eastern Prairies. Nevetheless, temperatures should climb to +5 to +7 in Winnipeg by late Monday even with the extensive snowpack, with double digit highs of 10-13c possible in downslope areas such as Dauphin and Portage. If it wasn't for this snowcover.. most of southern MB would have been looking at record highs in the mid teens. It's going to be even warmer to our south on Monday with highs approaching 20C in Bismarck ND, and 25C in Rapid City SD! Spring is getting closer.. slowly but surely!

Record highs for Monday March 12th..

Winnipeg.. 7.2C (1922)
Portage..... 11.1C (1910)
Brandon... 11.7C (1910)
Dauphin.... 7.8C (1996)

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  1. Uh Oh ... thick fog and low clouds have gotten trapped beneath an inversion in the red river valley.
    With Grand Forks sitting on -3 C ... a light south wind is not going to help us a whole lot.

    There is a nice strong southwesterly gradient sitting over Saskatchewan ... if that can move over Winnipeg by afternoon it would mix out the low level soup sitting over us and temps would likely soar

    Lets hope it doesnt take until night for this flow to reach here!