Friday, March 02, 2007

March 2007 Outlook

The latest monthly outlooks have been issued for March, and CPC is calling for above normal temperatures over the US southwest with an equal chance of below, near, or above normal temperature for the Prairies (i.e. a non-forecast) So, in other words, there is no clear indication how March will end up temperature wise. They do show however cooler than normal weather over Alaska, with above normal precipitation over the far northern Plains. This would seem to suggest a stormy pattern for southern MB for March 2007.. with a storm track through BC and Alberta into the northern Plains bringing a greater than even chance of above normal precipitation across southern MB (mainly snow). There is also growing concensus that a La Nina will be developing over the eastern Pacific this spring, which would favour a drier than normal spring and summer over the US midwest, possibly extending into southern MB.

Or, maybe not. As always, only Mother Nature knows the true answer!

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