Thursday, March 08, 2007

Sunny skies just west of Winnipeg..

Satellite images reveal an interesting contrast in weather over the Red River valley today. Gusty southerly winds are maintaining a feed of low level cloud along the Red River valley including Winnipeg which is resulting in overcast skies and temperatures that are struggling to reach freezing. However just to the west of the Red River (west of an Elie-Gretna line), skies are sunny, which has allowed temperatures to climb to +3 in Portage and +1 in Morden. The good news is that winds in the Red River valley are expected to shift into the west tonight, which will clear out this low cloud and also allow temperatures to climb above freezing. This will lead us into a much more pleasant day Friday with sunny skies, lighter winds from the west, and temperatures of +2 to +5C. Let the melting begin!


  1. Well, Winnipeg didn't quite hit that forecast high of +8C today.. with afternoon temperatures of -2C and raw southerly winds gusting to 60 km/h. Once again, those southerly winds trapped cloud and cold air in the Red River valley while areas to the west of Winnipeg saw sunny skies and temperatures above freezing, including +3C at Portage and +7c in Dauphin! Friday should be a much nicer day in Winnipeg and the Red River valley as westerly winds scour out all this low cloud and cold air.

  2. Rob .. the models and UMOS temperatures have also been on the high side in Ontario over the past couple of weeks during mild spells. They are trying to give us highs in the low to mid teens early next week, when there will still be quite the snowpack on the ground here over much of Srn Ontario. Seems that this warm UMOS bias from the Canadian Global is over a large part of the country to me!