Monday, July 06, 2009

New website for Rob's Obs

Well, after the problems I was having with the FTP server at Shaw, I decided to post a new website for Rob’s Obs. The former Rob’s Obs website address at will no longer be valid. That site will redirect you to my new site at This new site is a total redesign that’s been in the works for a few months, but I thought I’d launch it now given the FTP problems I was having with my old site. The new site has a cleaner, more professional look, and is faster to load than the old one with no annoying pop ups ( I hope!). And my weather station is updating data to the site again. So we’re back in business. Hopefully you find this new design an improvement over the old one.

Also note that jpg images from my site now have a “no_cache” added to the directory.. so if you have any links to Rob’s Obs .jpg images, be sure to add /no_cache after /robsobs to get the valid images.


  1. Good work on the new website Rob!!!

    It has a very clean look and everything is easy to navigate!

    Do you see the potential for a big storm this week???

    SOME of the models are showing a big upper level low this week!!!

  2. Thanks Daniel..

    Yes, the Canadian GLB model is showing the potential of a strong storm system moving through us Thursday into Friday with similar conditions to the storm system we had in late June (heavy rain, strong nw winds on backside) GFS is more progressive on this storm, and moves it well east of us Friday with dry weather. We'll have to see how the models trend with this one.

    In any case, a severe weather threat is possible over ND late Wednesday with strong thunderstorms moving into SW MB Wednesday night. SPC already highlighting northern plains as a slight risk for Day 3.

  3. Nice site Rob.

    No more rain please.

  4. Looks like some thunderstorms are forming this afternoon!

    With warnings now being issued for some cells forming in the interlake!

  5. Has anyone noticed that when you go to Environment Canada website and click on weather warnings it will Sometimes NOT give the full detailed description of the warnings???

    I mean it will say:

    "Be on the lookout for adverse weather conditions....."

    Not the full explanation of the warning like when you will go to Robs website and click on that warning page!!!!

    Why won't the website on EC give the full warning???

  6. Great new page Rob. Connection, design and quick response are awesome.


  7. Daniel> When a warning or watch has just been issued they just give the default text before they can publish the statement about the warning. For example, say if a severe t-storm warning was just issued for a portion of the interlake, then they need some time to write the statement about the cell and get the information from the page that Rob has.

  8. Is anyone having difficulty connecting to TWN Radars particularly forecast projected R..?

    I notice similar forecast radar is available for a price at Accuweather. including VORTEX tornado warnings.

    Is it the same??

  9. More importantly are the heavily populated Gimli and Wpg beaches on the projected path of the current cells?

  10. Jim!

    I'm also having no luck in viewing The weather network's radar!

    Thanks for the answer ConnorsComputerShow!

  11. I wonder why there so much ground clutter on the Woodlands radar?

    I never remember it being so bad like it is now!

  12. You're welcome Daniel and TWN radar works fine for me.

  13. Daniel P

    TWN site and Radar is now available . Thanks Connors

  14. ...another day of thunderstorms in the interlake. Those cells are definitely heading towards Gimli and Winnipeg Beach... whether or not they retain their strength is a different matter.

    Something *may* form as outflow from those cells intersects well defined lake breeze boundary off the shoal lakes. This would track right over Winnipeg, but there are so many chaotic fluctuations and complex processes involved it is impossible to predict.

    Nice job on the new site.

  15. The site looks awesome Rob. Looks very sharp, professional, and loaded blistering quick on my system.

    I've been visiting your site and blog for well over a year now and have told a lot of people about it (from my work colleagues at work to my chiropractor) so I look forward to many more years of visiting your new site and blog.

  16. Great improvement Rob.
    Many thanks from all us WX geeks :)
    Chris in Westwood

  17. Hi Rob, I find your new site very nice and easy to navigate. I was sorry when I learnt that you were having problems with your former website, so I'm happy to know that somehow you've been able to take advantage of it and renewing your site in a very positive way from my point of view (nice panoramic phot of that Winnipeg thunderstrom by the way)

    Although I rarely write in your blog I read it frequently and try to keep updated about waht's happening in Winnipeg and Southern Manitoba. So thank you for all the info and the effort you put in this, I really appreciate it!

    Oh and I also hope you have a nice summer there. I don't know what you prefer but in summer I always prefer temps near the norm and an active weather pattern in my place, I hope you get whatever you like in Winnipeg!

  18. Check out the CTV webcam! Great shot of the cell passing to our northeast!

    Also, thanks everyone for the positive comments on the new website.

  19. Heavy cell going southeasterly through NE Winnipeg, but in the west it will probably be just a light shower or two. And I just spotted a rainbow just now, so for those in Transcona, you'll have a picture to snap tonight.

  20. Didn't get a picture. Oh well. Hopefully one of the downtown cams will get the rainbow.

  21. Hi Rob

    As a fellow resident of Charleswood I have visited your site religiously for the last few years to get up to the minute info for Charleswood.
    Thank you for proving us with this service. I did have a question though about your new site design. I noticed that for current stats you have been using Gorilla Weather from Whyte Ridge. Are there any plans to put your weather station data back up?