Wednesday, October 01, 2008

September a little warmer, a little wetter

September 2008 finished a little warmer and wetter than average, coming off a warmer and wetter than normal August. The mean monthly temperature at Winnipeg airport was 13.0C, or 0.7C above the 30 year average of 12.3C for September. (Sept 2008 averaged 13.3C at my site, 14.2C at the Forks) Temperatures averaged cooler than normal for the first week, then were generally near or above normal for the rest of the month. The highest temperature was a 29.2C reading on the 18th (29.6C at my site) while the lowest was -0.5C on the 27th, marking the official end of the growing season at the airport site. Elsewhere across the city however, September remained frost free with a monthly low of +1.4C at my site, and +3.4C at the Forks downtown. As a result, most flowers and gardens were still in bloom by month's end.

Rainfall for the month was above average at 77 mm (82 mm at my site - average September rainfall 52 mm) but that was mainly due to two main rain events on the 1st, and the 22-24th when thunderstorms brought locally severe thunderstorms and heavy rain. The rest of the month was fairly tranquil with minimal precipitation and frequent dry days, making for pleasant late summer weather… a welcome extension to a summer that started off cool and wet.

All in all, a pleasant end to the summer of 2008.


  1. Monthly mean at my site in Steinbach was 13.9C.

  2. Rob I see EC has changed their minds 3 times in the last 5 hours over the low temperture for thursday night firday morning. What is your opinion and what time will the coldest temperure occur.

  3. Daryl..

    I assume you're talking about Winnipeg? If so, current conditions support a low of 0C at the airport to +5C downtown. The minimum should occur around sunrise which is around 7:30 am.

    I'm not convinced we're going to see a hard freeze tonight.. although it's possible. However, a couple of things will be working getting as low as -2 at the airport tonight. First, we're going to have a light east wind tonight which will protect the airport from dropping too low since the flow will be coming off the warm city core. Secondly, there could be some cloud moving in overnight that would save the city from a freeze. If skies stay clear all night, then there's a better chance for frost. Best bet for frost overnight with clear skies will be outside the city especially to the north and east.

  4. Thanks Rob

    Winnipeg and area was what I was talking about. I'm just north of Winnipeg at the perimeter so I guess I would have a slightly better chance for frost.

  5. What a difference between the west and east today. As of 3 pm it's 22C in Melita and only 9C in Kenora. Winnipeg is stuck in between at 14C. Another day of 25-29C warmth over AB and SK, which unfortunately will never get here as the upper ridge weakens by the time it moves over us. Still not bad for us over the next couple of days.. but it could have been so much nicer!

  6. Looks like there will be frost tonight!!
    Environment Canada is sticking with there - 2 overnight low!
    I could see it happening!

  7. Did anyone see the Weather Network 14 day trend????
    Looks like they have the "SNOW" symbol out!
    I know that the 14 day trend is a bit of a fetch....but still It looks like there might be a pattern change in the next couple of weeks.
    Even Brent Anderson of Accuweather is calling for very chilly weather for the end of October!

  8. Yes, long range models showing quite the cold snap moving in by the Thanksgiving weekend. Hopefully, they're overdoing the pattern change, and the cold snap is just a few days. In the meantime, enjoy the beautiful weekend!