Thursday, October 30, 2008

Nice finish to October

Some pleasant fall weather will finish up the month of October over southern MB with mainly sunny skies and nice temperatures. In fact, today Winnipeg will get into the mid teens as we get into a brief warm sector that brought some record temperatures in the low 20s across southwest MB and southern SK Wednesday. Cooler air moving in  later this afternoon will prevent Winnipeg from reaching the low 20s as happened further west. Temperatures will be a bit cooler on Friday with highs in the 7-10C range, but conditions should be ideal for trick or treaters Friday evening with mainly clear skies, light SE winds and temperatures around +5C.


  1. Well the temperature is already at 13 C as of 11:00 AM!
    There is always that outside chance that we could get close to 20 C if those chilly north winds don't kick in to soon!

  2. 16C as of noon.. great day to be outside! Still a couple of hours before the cooler air comes in from the west.. 20C may be a reach, but 18C is quite possible. Nice treat for Oct 30th!

  3. Cooler air starting to move into the Winnipeg area from the northwest as of 1:30 pm.. Stonewall is down to 15C (after hitting 16.6C) and Grosse Isle is down to 14C. This means that Winnipeg has likely plateued at 17-18C today, and will gradually cool down the rest of the afternoon. Warmest readings today will be to our south and east where 20C temperatures are likely. Places like Winkler, Gretna and Emerson all at 19C right now..

  4. Got up to 18.3C here in Steinbach, beautiful day indeed! Wind is currently WNW.

  5. Anyone see that storm that is showing up on the models next week!!
    It looks like it might just be cold for snow!!!!
    Ya here's hoping!!!!!

    I want a SNOWSTORM!!!
    I know....I know ..... the models will probably lose the storm as we close in on next week~~~~

  6. The model are showing 15 to 30cm of snow for Manitoba next week. The heaviest amounts will be in South-Eastern Manitoba, where the combination of heaviest precipitation rates, and rain/snow switch-over line form the most ideal combination for max snow amounts.