Monday, October 27, 2008

Warming trend this week..cooler for Halloween

After a chilly night tonight (-6 to -9C most places) the weather will get a lot nicer this week as warmer air moves in from the west. Sunny skies and light southwest winds will boost temperatures to normal highs of +7C on Tuesday, then look for double digit highs of 10-13c for Wednesday and Thursday with sunshine and breezy conditions. Unfortunately a cold front will drop through southern MB late Thursday ushering a cooler airmass just in time for Halloween Friday. The good news is that it should be clear and dry for Halloween and winds should be dropping off by evening, with temperatures expected to be in the -2 to -5C range for Halloween evening. 


  1. 25C in Lethbridge this afternoon! That sure would be nice at the end of October! That warm air will be moving east over us over the next couple of days, although we won't be quite as toasty as southern AB. Look for highs around 10C Wednesday but that will be tempered by a gusty south wind up the Red River valley making it feel cooler. Thursday looks like the nicest day of the week as we climb to 14C by afternoon with lighter winds.

  2. Hey Rob...

    You know how you said it was 25C in Lethbridge...Well in Pincher Creek, which is about an hour to the West it is 19C and snowing apparently. At 3p.m. MDT Pincher creek is reporting snow, and it is still 19.

    ...Those darn automatic weather staions...

  3. It looks like a MAJOR storm is set to develop early next week in the plain states!!
    Well have to keep a eye on that one!!!

  4. WOW
    Looks like Western Manitoba will be setting temperature records for today!
    Brandon is already sitting at 19 C and that is a new record~~~~

  5. Actually Brandon's record for today is 20.0C from 1950.. but they're close to tying or breaking it. It's a record 21C in Melita. Meanwhile Winnipeg is stuck at only 12C thanks to that Red River valley wind. (Even Portage is 17c!)

    Tomorrow we lose the valley wind as our winds shift into the west, and we're still in the warm sector through midday before we cool off. As a result, Winnipeg may get a couple of degrees higher than the forecast high of 14C Thursday.

  6. My mistake.. Brandon's record high for Oct 29th was 18.9C in 1950, so they did set a new record at 20.2C.