Monday, September 29, 2008

Getting better and better this week

A massive upper ridge of high pressure will be building over western Canada this week, bringing some superb late summerlike weather over AB and Saskatchewan this week. Daily highs will be in the 25-29C range all week in southern AB and southwest SK with sunny clear skies through Friday. Here in southern MB, we will be on the eastern flank of the upper ridge much of the week, which will keep us cooler than the western Prairies. Still, after some cloudy and cool conditions to start the week, the rest of the week should be getting progressively better with daily highs approaching the 20 degree mark by mid to late week. That should lead us into a nice warm weekend with highs over 20 degrees as the upper ridge moves east over southern MB. All in all, it's looking like a nice start to October!     


  1. Do you think frost will occur outside of Winnipeg tonight?

  2. There's still a fair bit of cloud upstream that should save us tonight from a frost. Without that cloud, frost would have been likely tonight.

  3. Beautiful day out there today.. even though it's only 14C, the sunshine and light winds make it feel so much warmer. Warmer air not too far away with 20 degree temperatures near the SK border. Unfortunately those 20 degree temps will not make it here in Winnipeg or southeast MB until later in the week, or even the weekend as that strong upper ridge stays to our west. This ridge will maintain sunny and warm conditions over AB and SK, while cooler air on the eastern flank of the ridge persists over southern MB and NW Ontario. At least it will stay dry through the week into the weekend with a gradual warming trend.