Thursday, September 04, 2008

Some rain on the way

A weak low pressure system over North Dakota will be tracking slowly east over the next 24 hours, bringing an area of rain to southern MB. The leading edge of the rain shield is just spreading up to the MB border from the south as of midday, and should continue edging north this afternoon likely reaching Winnipeg by mid to late afternoon. Rain amounts are expected to be in the 5 to 15 mm range, most of it falling south of Winnipeg closer to the international border. Here in Winnipeg, look for about 5 mm from late afternoon through tonight. Cool unsettled weather is expected behind this system for Friday through the weekend. 


  1. has been reporting "Lgt. rainshower" for Winnipeg all day today, yet as far as I know there have been no sprinkles here.

    Maybe only to the south of us.

  2. Island Lakes is having it's garage sale this weekend, getting mixed weather reports, some say rain (weather bug), some say sunshine (weather network). Don't want to put all my stuff out, then it rains. What's your best guestimate as you're accurate then any of them?

  3. Looking at this morning's TAF for Wpg, tomorrow morning shows no precip. You shud be OK for that garage sale.

    TAF CYWG 051138Z 051212 02005KT

    P6SM SCT020 OVC040 TEMPO 1216 P6SM
    -SHRA OVC020
    FM1600Z 32010KT P6SM SCT030 OVC060 TEMPO 1603 P6SM -SHRA BKN030
    FM0300Z 22006KT P6SM SCT015 BKN030 TEMPO 0309 BKN015

    FM0900Z VRB03KT P6SM SCT030

  4. Anon..

    Saturday's looking pretty nice..
    Could see some fog in the morning thanks to some clearing skies tonight, but otherwise Saturday should be generally dry with sunshine mixing in with some cloud. There could be an isolated shower popping up in the afternoon, but most people won't see anything. After a cool start, temperatures should be nice with afternoon highs in the upper teens to near 20c.

    Saturday night into Sunday morning, there's a weak low forecast to pass through the Dakotas that will bring an area of rain along the US border. There's a chance that some of this rain will spread up into the Winnipeg area overnight Saturday into early Sunday morning giving us a few mm of rain. That's the best chance for rain over the weekend. Otherwise Sunday is looking cloudy and cool with highs only in the midteens.

    Overall though, not a bad weekend for a garage sale.

  5. Tornado watch issued for SW MB and eastern SK for this afternoon.. for cold core funnels that may touch down briefly as weak tornadoes. Have received 3 reports of funnels clouds from Yorkton area to Swan River. None have touched down.

  6. Update on the weekend forecast..

    There's a better chance of scattered afternoon showers developing over Southern MB Saturday afternoon, including Winnipeg as an unstable airmass persists over us. If you look west of us in Saskatchewan today, you'll see a lot of convective development this afternoon with numerous showers popping up and even some scattered thunderstorms which have given some locally strong outflow wind gusts up to 90 km/h. We'll be in the same airmass tomorrow. So look for a nice start to the day (after some morning fog) then convective clouds building up for the afternoon with scattered hit-and-miss showers developing..possible even a thunderstorm. Hopefully they miss Island Lakes! Still a chance of some rain Saturday night then mainly cloudy and cool for Sunday.

  7. Thanks Rob, I'll keep my fingers crossed. Figure if I can get till noon, I'm in pretty good shape.

  8. Line of heavy showers approaching from the west with some embedded lightning strikes.. main line should be moving through Winnipeg by 6 pm or so.

  9. haven't seen as watches yet, but seen as how it seems to be a very similar day to yesterday, was there any cold core funnels reported in S. Manitoba today?

  10. Great call on today's WX forecast there this morning Rob, spot on! Well done.

    Chris in Westwood

  11. Rob,

    How does it look for our yard sale saturday AM? We'd like to set up Friday and leave the stuff out all night. Is it too soon to call?