Monday, April 02, 2007

Winter's back!

Well, old man winter ain't dead yet. A sprawling Arctic airmass has pushed into the Prairies and will likely persist through the rest of the week. Temperatures in Southern MB over the next few days will average about 10 degrees below normal, with temperatures remaining below freezing right through Saturday. The good news is that no major storm systems are expected through the period so there shouldn't be any significant snowfall or freezing rain to contend with, at least not here in southern MB. Further south, it's a different story as a strong winter storm moves through the Dakotas and Minnesota tonight through tomorrow with 10 to 20 cm of snow possible from North Dakota into central Minnesota (including Grand Forks) Long range models are showing signs of milder weather returning by the end of the Easter holiday weekend into next week.

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  1. Not a very pleasant early April day out there.. -7C with a 50 km/h northerly wind giving wind chills near -18. Yukk.. I thought we were finished with this stuff. Oh well, it could be worse (yes, believe it or not the weather in Winnipeg can ALWAYS be worse :) 10 years ago today, the Great April Blizzard of 1997 hammered Winnipeg and the Red River Valley with 50 cm of snow and ice pellets over 4 days, leading to the disastrous Red River Flood of 1997 a few weeks later.