Thursday, April 19, 2007

A little rain tonight.. more rain on weekend..

It's been nice and dry over the past 2-3 weeks over Southern MB, with only 1 mm of rain since April 1st in Winnipeg along with plenty of sunshine. The dry weather along with strengthening April sunshine and low humidity has allowed the ground to dry out quickly.. with even some grass fires reported around Winnipeg in recent days. So some rainfall would probably be welcome by this point to start replenishing soil moisture levels, especially in light of last year's record dry summer. We could see some rainfall overnight tonight into Friday morning as a band of showers from North Dakota moves northward.. but rainfall amounts will be minor, perhaps 1 or 2 mm. The showers will move off Friday morning making way for another sunny mild day Friday with temperatures near the 20 degree mark. Saturday will also be dry and mild, but we could see some more significant rainfall Saturday night into Sunday as an area of showers and thunderstorms from the Dakotas moves into the Red River valley with local rainfall amounts of 15-25 mm possible.

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