Monday, April 30, 2007

Minimal rainfall today

Well it looks like the anticipated rainfall for today is going to be a lot less widespread and weaker than originally thought. Some organized showers are moving through north of the Riding Mtns into the Interlake today with 5 to 10 mm possible while a few showers and some scattered thunderstorms are moving across ND to our south. In between these two areas.. only scattered light showers are expected with perhaps a couple of mm of rain passing through much of southern MB today.. hardly enough to make a difference to soil moisture levels. After that, it looks warm and dry through the upcoming week again. Long range models are hinting at the possibility of some heavier rainfall next weekend over southern MB, but this is still a long ways off to have any confidence at this point. So relief from the current dry spell is still a ways away yet.


  1. Hi again Rob,

    Complettely different weather here in the mountains of Northern Spain. We,ve had 2 very wet months, with 352.3 mm of rain and melted snow in March and 157.0 mm so far in April. There's been measurable precipitation in all but 22 days during this two months. It's not a record, but March was certainly near.

    I wouldn't mind changing some of our rain for your nice sunny warm days! I hope you see good amounts of rain soon. Here we won't have drought problems for the upcoming months, that's for sure!

    See you,


  2. Ola Mikel!

    Wow, that's a lot of rain out there.. I didn't realize northern Spain could be so wet. And here I thought the rain in Spain fell mainly on the plains :)

    Hopefully you guys dry out soon..

    Take care!


  3. Well, we managed to squeeze out 2 mm or so in that light rain in Winnipeg today.. with heavier amounts just north of the city including..

    Stonewall...... 7 mm
    Selkirk........ 8 mm
    Teulon......... 10 mm
    Arborg......... 13 mm

    Most other places in Southern MB picked up between 1 and 5 mm today...

  4. Hi Rob,

    Uhm, only a couple of mm, and I see that according to the forecasts you'll have sunny weather for the next days. I hope this pattern changes!

    Oh, and you weren't wrong about Spain. It's just about 10% of the country that has this climate, a narrow band between the northern atlantic coast and the mountains. You just have to cross the mountains and you'll have the typical spanish landscape: dry, sunny, with rolling hills and hot summers.

    I hope the rain will visit you soon, bye!