Friday, April 20, 2007

Scattered thunderstorms developing over Southern MB..

An almost summerlike evening out there this evening, with temperatures still in the upper teens as of 9 pm. Latest radar even shows some scattered thunderstorms developing this evening over southern MB, with one cell near Morden and another east of Steinbach (saw lightning flashes to my southeast) . Tops are around 25000 feet, and cells are moving to the northnortheast at 50 km/h. Could see our first thunderstorm of the season tonight here in Winnipeg!


  1. The outflow ahead of the thunderstorms were pretty amazing too. In St. Vital the winds went from S 15km/hr to gusts of 60 or 70 km/hr in the span of a minute or two....a sure sign that something was brewing. They weren't quite as strong at ywg at 11pm local time as the winds only picked up from S 17 km/hr to SSW 35G46 km/hr. Still, it's nice to see this phenomena back in S MB once again!


  2. Did you notice the grass was greener this morning? Those few lightning flashes last evening were enough to provide some natural nitrogen fertilizer into the ground.. just enough to green things up by this morning.

  3. Last nite all of the strong convection was focused in SE North Dakota and Minnesota....they picked up over 30 mm of rain.

    A front came thru today causing dew points to crash. Td's went from 10 C to an incredible -2 C in just a couple of hours. But in response to a shortwave moving in from the southwest, the front has backed in thru Winnipeg and dewpoints are flirting with 10 C again.

    There will be fairly strong warm air and moisture advection ahead of the shortwave destabilizing the atmosphere...if the front backs a litle bit more, we may get brushed by some nocturnal cnvection.

    Hopefully we can pick up some rain and not go down last year's path of significant drought.


  4. I guess it wasn't meant to be. All of the action stayed to our southeast, and Winnipeg didn't see any rain last night. So although the models were showing the potential for some significant rainfall this weekend here in southeast MB, in reality it materialized just to our south. The dry weather continues!