Friday, February 09, 2007

Update to Rob's Obs page

I added a map plot of Winnipeg city temperatures on my main webpage (courtesy of These plots have always been available as drop down link choices, but I thought it would be interesting to have the current temperature map display as a static image on the website. It can be quite useful to see how temperatures in the city differ from the airport site as has been discussed in recent threads. I've also added a couple of other weather graphs from my station to balance out the look. Apologies to those of you still on dialup who will now find it slower to load my webpage! By the way, you can access any city temperature plot in the world by simply inputting the city name in the entry form at the bottom of the map... a quick way of getting real time temperatures anywhere you want! (provided they have weather stations)


  1. Its odd how weather can affect people in different ways at different times. Our TV stations have their daily "man in the street" interviews about the weather and usually it's getting people down. For some reason I'm not bothered by it this time.

    Maybe the intense sunlight helps. Our cats love to sun bathe and they jockey for the best spots on the kitchen floor.

    That said, we must be close to a record for sustained cold. Does anyone keep records like that?

    P.S. Thanks for the new layout.

  2. box..

    I agree, the sunshine has certainly helped make this cold snap more bearable. We've been sunny every day this month! Also, the wind hasn't been too bad.. there were some days I was out there at -25 with sunshine and light winds, and it didn't feel bad at all. The sun is getting stronger and the days are getting longer, so that increasing amount of sunshine is certainly helping people get through this psychologically.

    As far as sustained cold goes, we've had worse. Just take a look at Jan-Feb 1996, or Jan-Feb 1966, or Jan-Feb 1936 with temperatures in the -30s and -40s for several weeks. I think it's getting more difficult for people to handle any prolonged cold nowadays since it's becoming less and less frequent.

    1936 sure was an interesting year weatherwise. After enduring brutal cold through Jan and Feb, we went through scorching heat in July with our hottest temperature ever at 42C. I wonder if they were talking about climate change back then? :)

  3. Oh, yes. I remember 1996, particularly Feb 1 and 2 when we had -41 C. Driving to work was no fun. In those days, without all the web weather resources we have today, I recall calling EC and listening to the provincial temperatures, hoping for improvement, but there was cold everywhere. But then on Feb 6 we were at the freezing mark!

    1936 must have been a year to live through. Talk about wild swings. September 2, 1983 must be close to an all-time heat record. I remember driving around in a company car and the brakes were mushy because it was so hot.