Saturday, February 10, 2007

Deep freeze continues.. some relief by end of next week?

The deep freeze continues over Southern MB and much of central and Eastern Canada. The big question now is.. when will it end??!! Long range guidance is hinting at some relief by the middle to end of next week over the Prairies with the Arctic vortex (shown above) finally showing some signs of breaking down. Temperatures in Winnipeg, which have averaged some 12 degrees below normal so far this month, may finally get back to a normal high of -9 by next Thursday or Friday with even -5 or so possible by next weekend! Break out the sunscreen! After that, it's anyone's guess as to how things will develop with long range models showing a wide range of solutions ranging from below to above normal temperatures to end off February (basically at this point, a non-forecast.. will have to wait and see)

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  1. Looks like a rollercoaster ride temperature-wise this weekend. After an initial surge of Pacific air on Friday, the models bring down another chunck of brutal air for Saturday and Sunday :-(

    But they quickly push it into Ontario and Quebec giving us a mild zonal flow ... who knows, but it will take time to scour out the arctic air entrenched in the red river valley.

    Btw...I was surprised to discover a second airport recording station. The tag for it is CXWG ... it would be interesting to see if it gets as cold as YWG (airport). So far I cannot find real time data for it on the internet.