Sunday, February 11, 2007

Remember snow?

It's been pretty boring over southern MB lately with nothing but clear and cold conditions for the past two weeks. We haven't had any appreciable snowfall in Winnipeg since that big 30 cm snowfall at the end of December. So to remind us what snowstorms can look like, I thought I'd post some photos from Oswego county, NY where they have been buried with almost 10 FEET of snow over the past week due to persistent heavy lake effect snow off Lake Ontario. The above photo is from Mexico, NY which has seen 103" of snow over the past 7 days. For more amazing photos from this extreme snowfall event.. click here. (lots of photos...not recommended for dial up users)


  1. Yes, Oswego county is just a winter wonderland! :) It was quite interesting driving around Oswego this morning to see how narrow the side streets are and how high the snow piles are. Snow like this for a week straight is unusual even for this area. We have been getting help from the state DOT and our city workers have been working around the clock. There's still a lot to do but we were quite impressed with what they've accomplished so far. Hopefully, school will be back in session tomorrow. It's been a long week!

  2. Diane..

    Nice to hear from someone in Oswego! The pictures have been incredible! Glad to hear you're coping with the massive snow amounts.. It must be quite the challenge for everyone involved. Good to see you'll finally be catching a break for a few days. Happy shovelling!