Friday, February 02, 2007

Latest February Outlook from CPC

Weakening El Niño To Exert Little Influence — Following an overall mild December and most of January, the current chill over much of the U.S. will persist through early February, according to seasonal forecasters at the NOAA Climate Prediction Center. Below-normal temperatures are expected to dominate the central and eastern part of the country through early February with more moderate temperatures projected for the final weeks of the winter season. (Click here for the full CPC report.)

CPC is forecasting the current below normal pattern to persist for the next week to 10 days before a moderation in the second half of February. EC on the other hand is forecasting below normal temperatures right through February. Time will tell who's right.. but one thing's for sure, we're in for a frigid week here in Southern MB!

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  1. Once again the overnight low at the Winnipeg airport was colder than all of the surrounding "official" stations and personal weather stations. With winds staying up to around 15 kmh across the region..the airport rapidly plunged while all other staions remained fairly steady.

    The extreme temperature drop at the airport even with a moderate northwest flow is clearly an artifact of that station. Because the greatest differneces occur when it so cold out anyways...the effect is less noticable. However... climate data for Winnipeg is possibly getting distorted. I wonder how long the sensor has been in its current location.

    I noticed the forecast low was changed to match last nite's low. There should be a seperate forecast for the is done for Edmonton .. or perhaps the sensor should be checked or moved.