Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Wild winds whip wildfires across southern MB.. moisture desperately needed

Winnipeg firefighters battle brush fire
off Loudon Rd in Charleswood
Tuesday Oct 2 2012
Strong southerly winds gusting up to 85 km/h in Winnipeg whipped several wild fires today across southern Manitoba, including two in Charleswood.  A grass fire developed off Charleswood Rd south of Wilkes Ave late Tuesday morning, before a larger brush fire flared up off Loudon Rd, also south of Wilkes around the noon hour. The strong south winds blew heavy smoke across Wilkes Ave into Tuxedo and SW Winnipeg.  The fires were eventually controlled by Winnipeg firefighters, who had to truck water in to fight the blazes.  Several other wildfires erupted across southern MB Tuesday, the most serious near Vita MB in the southeast part of the province. That fire destroyed 3 homes and a bridge, and led to a temporary evacuation of the entire town of 300 inhabitants before residents were allowed back after winds shifted into the west.

Extremely dry conditions over the past month, together with low humidity have left tinder dry conditions across southern MB, creating dangerous fire conditions when strong winds develop.  Significant moisture is desperately needed across southern MB, and there is a potential storm system brewing late Wednesday into Thursday that may bring the most significant precipitation over the Red River Valley and SE Manitoba in several weeks. Stay tuned..        

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